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May 24, 2018

Neue Sachlichkeit – Franz Roh, Exhibitions and their Artists, from 1921 up to the present
The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art – Exhibition Timeline and Artists 1929-1932
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Franz Wilhelm Seiwert Self-Portrait 1928

Neue Sachlichkeit – Franz Roh, Exhibitions and their Artists, from 1921 up to the present

How was 'Neue Sachlichkeit' understood in the 20s and from 1961 onwards?
Who are the artists whose work is shown in exhibitions entitled ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ or ‘Magic Realism’ in the 20s and exhibitions that are more recent?
Although he was the first to use this term in 1921, Franz Roh (1890-1965), the photography artist and art critic, continued to call the new currents ‘Nachexpressionistische Kunst’. It was Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub who entitled his exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim in June 1925: ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ – Deutsche Malerei seit dem Expressionismus and giving this term public awareness and ongoing attention.

Comparing exhibitions and the shown artists related to ‘Neue Sachlichkeit’ is subject of this survey: The 52 + 58 artists of Franz Roh's list, four exhibitions of the 20s (98 artists), and four exhibitions from 1961 up to the present (217 artists).

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Franz Wilhelm Seiwert, Self-Portrait, 1928,
© public domain

Bauhaus: 1919-1923 Weimar / 1924 Dessau

The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art – Exhibition Timeline and Artists 1929-1932

The Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, Inc., founded by Lincoln Kirstein (1907 – 1996), John Walker III (1906 – 1995), and Edward M. M. Warburg (1908 – 1992), wanted to show new currents and movements in art by local and national artists, as well as new European artwork, architecture, design, typography, film, and photography.

The timeline of our survey starts with their first exhibition in February 1929, It includes mayn groundbreaking exhibitions, among them the first Bauhaus exhibition in the USA. It ends 1932, the year Lincoln Kirstein moved to New York.
He had become member of MoMA’s Advisory Committee and chairman of the exhibition committee. He was exhibition director of Murals by American Painters and Photographers, the opening exhibition at MoMA’s new address at 11 West 53rd Street.

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Bauhaus: 1919-1923 Weimar / 1924 Dessau,
12.1930 - 15.01.1931, Harvard Society for Contemporary Art, Cambridge (MA), Exhibition Catalog

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